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02-25-2013, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by FadeToBlack View Post
The way things are projecting out right now, Columbus is the worst team in the league by a full 2.5 points, followed by Buffalo, which is ~4 points under Washington and Florida, and then you have just under a 6 point spread until you have the Islanders, who are two points clear of a bit of a pack around 45 points, which contains Colorado, Winnipeg, and Philly. Given the spread between the worst teams in the league right now and the best teams, and the fact we are rapidly approaching the halfway point, I don't think we'll finish any worse than 5th, reasonably speaking. I think the team will continue to play well but not well enough to make the Playoffs and finish somewhere in the 50pt range, right on the bubble. That would be 3 wins more than their current pace, completely reasonable with their "good" play as of late. Even if they take a turn for the worse, they'll really have to fall off to have a shot at Jones or Drouin. It's actually 6 wins under their current pace, and that would put them where Buffalo is now. Given teams like Buff, Was, and FLA may very well be executing firesales at the deadline, I certainly can't see them turning things around and improving their standing much.

So if you guys are going to fantasize about who they are going to pick, I'd stick to fantasizing about players in the 5-15 range, probably on the lower end of that.
There is always a chance at the lottery.

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