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02-25-2013, 06:22 AM
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Originally Posted by OHLFan8771 View Post
What do other posters think about the Hodgson hit today? I could not tell if he hit him in the head but I think it was with out question late. I am thinking Hodgson is done for the season and will most likely be sitting a few games to start next season.

I would also think Ryan Hutchinson will be getting suspended as well for kicking Evan's helmet completely across the ice (nearly in the stands) and breaking the visor off it. Then throwing a chair 15 feet down the run way when exiting the ice.
I heard the hit but didnt see it as it was away from the play some. I watched the re-play of it and it and it looked like he left his skates and launched into him. Problem is the angle they showed was from the hips up and you couldnt tell for sure.Plus you couldn't tell if he went to the head or not.

One thing i could not understand was he wasn't penalized for the hit. He got an instigator and a game misconduct. How do you get an instagator when you dont get a penalty for the hit and two guys come after you swinging?
It got out of hand in a hurry though. Not too often you see the ref's pushing guys off the ice so hard the players fall down.
At least they played hard the whole game and were missing Pelch-Fox-Brown

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