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Originally Posted by AE View Post
Compared to similar prospects who stayed, a lot of them in the NHL now? (not Swedes atleast, if you're a second grade prospect, chances of making it are slim, regardless of where you play).
Well I tried to collect here list of Finns who have played in CHL and have been drafted in NHL between 1990-2009. It's possible I missed someone but the list below should be quite comprehensive.

Riku Helenius drafted 15th overall / 1 NHL game
Tuomas Grönman 29/38
Tomek Valtonen 56/0
Masi Marjamäki 66/1
Tuukka Mäkelä 66/0
Jyri Niemi 72/0
Oskar Osala 97/3
Toni Rajala 101/0
Niko Snelmann 105/0
Joni Lehto 111/0
Aki Seitsonen 118/0
Robert Nyholm 129/0
Lasse Pirjetä 133/146
Eero Kilpeläinen 144/0
Juuso Puustinen 149/0
Rasmus Rissanen 178/0
Matias Sointu 182/0
Tommi Kivistö 208/0
Joni Lindlöf 209/0
Petteri Similä 211/0
Samu Isosalo 230/0
Petja Pietiläinen 256/0
Niko Vainio 259/0
Juha-Pekka Ketola 287/0
Lauri Kinos 293/0

And meanwhile players with similar draft numbers.

Sami Kapanen drafted 87th /831 games
Janne Laukkanen 156/407
Niko Kapanen 173/397
Antti Laaksonen 191/483
Jussi Jokinen 192/553
Antti Miettinen 224/518
Sami Salo 239/779
Mikko Eloranta 247/264
Kimmo Timonen 250/990
Pekka Rinne 258/267

Yes I know I just did cherry picking among non-CHLers. But if I do the same among CHLers, I get Lasse Pirjetä, Tuomas Grönman, Oskar Osala, Masi Marjamäki, Niko Snellman, Aki Seitsonen, and then some worse players.

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