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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
To show my objectivity and to give you guys who are again falling all over yourselves in support of the newly proposed 4-Conference arrangement, I've come up with an idea about how a "wildcard" play-in could actually appease the PA and make some sense.

If the League is stilling insisting or planning on a home-and-home against every team in the League, and if it's still planning a top-4 Divisional Playoff, then that would leave 8-team Divisions, oh excuse me, Conferences with an imbalance in the number of games that some teams inside the Conference play against each other.
2 x 22 = 44 games
6 x 3 = 18 games
5 x 4 = 20 games

So, imagine this situation: The 4th place team finishes with 88pt, the 5th with 86 or 87pt, but those two teams have only played each other 5 times. If a 6th game between the two could be won by the 5th place team, and if that win would be enough to overtake the 4th place team in the Standings, then that 6th game would be the Wildcard game.

If, on the other hand, the 4th and 5th place teams have already played their even series of 6 games against, then no wildcard game should be played and the Standings go as they are.

That may not be what the League would do, but that would at least somewhat justify the Wildcard idea.

* One problem could be, what if there are two teams only 1 point below the 4th place team, and both have only played against the 4th place team only 5 times?

One could say that such a format could be used between any two teams in the top-4 which haven't played the 6th game against each other and the point difference is such that the lower team could overtake the other if it could win a 6th meeting between the two. But of course I doubt the League would apply it that far.

I still hate and absolutely do not agree with a strict top-4 Divisional Playoff!!!

And to the Mods, I fully expect that this post should be merged with perhaps the Matrix thread. I'm posting it now as a separate thread to at least draw temporary attention to it.
I think you are thinking waaaaay too much and making it too complicated. If they are insisting on the home and home with each team, then I agree with how they will schedule the games as what you said. An extra game against 3 teams in the conference. Hoping they come up with a formula based on the prior year's standings to determine the extra game, but I doubt it. Anyways, if they implement the wild card, it will simply be 4th place vs 5th place. Maybe a 1 game, maybe a best of 3. My only hope is they treat them like play-off games and not regular season. So, no shoot-outs. Play OT until someone scores. In MLB, before they had the play-in game this year, all 1-game play-offs were counted in regular season stats and records.

To play devil's advocate on your point. If the teams have played 6 times and are 4-5, what if they have split at 3-3? Or, an equal amount of points when you throw-in the charity point. Have the 7th game to break the tie.

I am also assuming that if you had a case of teams being tied for 5th, they would use the current tie-breaker they use now.

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