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Originally Posted by SomeDude View Post
I think Taker will cost Punk his match vs Cena setting up Taker vs Punk. The lights will go out, and everyone will think it's the Shield taking out Cena, they'll come back on and Taker will be in the ring with Punk. Feud will be based on respect.
Been saying this for a solid 2 to 3 weeks now. This is what I picture happening tonight.

Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
IF (and that's a major IF) HHH doesn't want the spotlight, Brock/HHH confront each other and he simply says this: "I might not be able to beat you, but I damn sure know someone who will."

Lights go out - the roof blows off the place.

Why would HHH do this? Because he'd put over Brock so well by saying he can't beat him. And we know HHH won't do it, but at this point in his career, why not? It also sets up a HUGE match. Brock/Taker and Triple threat main event would be huge for WM.
edit: And I really do not want to see Punk/Taker. They have zero chemistry together and do not mesh well. Their feud in 08/09 or whatever it was... was HORRIBLE.
This makes too much sense, WWE would never go for it I love it though, cuz you're absolutely right about putting Brock over. He's had (I think two matches) since his return, a loss to Cena and a lackluster victory over HHH. Hyping him up for a match with Taker, although I think he should still take a loss here, would be great for his character.

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