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02-25-2013, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
I think for both teams there is risk to the trade, but only time will tell what rewards might be reaped or missed. Both are young players that should develop/refine their games and mature over the next 2-3 years. Each are adding valuable at their respective positions right now, which is nice. Thinking about what these guys project to, a top-pairing (#2) D man has comparable value to a sub-elite top-line winger (imo). Now, if JVR emerges as an elite (40-50+) goal scorer, then Schenn would have to probably be more of a Devil's Cup-era (mid to late 90s, when his point production waned) Scott Stevens for those analyzing the trade to call it even. Regardless of who ultimately is seen as who "winning" the trade, it can still be a net positive for both the teams and players involved.
Exactly. People are focusing too much on what JvR might possibly some day do and not focusing on what the Flyers need(ed). Everyone is or was in agreement that the Flyers desparately needed some youth with a high ceiling on defense. The Flyers got that. Now people are complaining that we overpaid. You don't get something for nothing. The Flyers had a lot of young offensive talent and desparately needed young defensive talent (probably still do). You aren't going to get a young defensive prospect that is NHL ready without A) getting a high draft pick or getting very lucky in the draft or B) trading peanuts for one. If you want a guy like Schenn, which I am pretty sure everyone is in agreement that the Flyers needed, you have to give something up for him. The Leafs weren't going to trade him for Andreas Nodl and a third rounder.

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