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Originally Posted by typicryptic View Post
Great post, I agree with all of it. Drouin is not going to be able to dangle the whole team in the NHL. He's not going to be Able to float and be anemic in the dirty areas. He's not going to be able to put his head down for so long or rely on his hands to generate the mAjority of his offense. Whereas mackinnons game should translate very well very quickly. I do have faith that drouin is smart enough to adjust and will be a star in the NHL. But mackinnon will likely also be a star with less offensive potential but less downside risk.
Just saw this post reading back further and agree.

Drouin has shown that he's a fast learner and quickly adapts so far but the NHL is a pretty big learning step. To me his status next season is complicated because if he isn't good enough to make a pretty good impact with his NHL club right out of the gate he won't get much ice time. However getting tons of ice time in the QMJHL won't help him next year, in fact it might do more harm than good.

Doing what he is doing this year again next year, except even better with age will have limited benefit. But he does need ice time too. I suspect if he does stick with an NHL club for the year next year, he will start off slow, but hopefully whoever he plays for (presumably a weak team so therefore it might be worthwhile even if he is a liability for them at times) will give him enough ice time even if he isn't playing quite well enough yet to warrant it strictly in terms of performance. Be patient and stick with it game in game out, only after quite a while passes if he isn't improving at all or is slumping then react accordingly.

However if he is beginning to show signs of consistent improvement then just keep his TOI around the same, as long as he's playing enough every game to keep learning. By the mid-way point of the season he'll probably start showing big strides and by the end of the year he'd evolve as a player far more than had he done his thing and put up 150 pts in the Q.

With Drouin I see him as more of a gamble and my confidence in projecting him are lower, so while I have a pretty good idea of how I think MacKinnon will do, my confidence with Drouin is lower. What I said above is how I think the situation will go, but it won't surprise me at all if he does amazing from the start of the year and would look number 1 pick worthy.

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