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02-25-2013, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Strawman? Do you even know what that word means?

First you predict that the Habs are definitely not winning the cup.

And second you claim that if we trade him we'll be closer to winning.
Getting a player to help us win down the road DOES get us closer to a cup. Not right away... down the line. Trading away vets is counterintutive because it doesn't produce immediate results, the results are seen later on down the line.

Why does this need to be spoonfed to you.

You're insinuating a contradiction... there is none. That's why its' a strawman's argument.
Originally Posted by onice View Post
I didn't make that crap up. It's in black and white for everyone to read. Can you tell me the winning lottery numbers?

This is a team that is first in the East and second in the league. Yeah let's trade the d-man that's logging the most TOI because you know that this team can't win the cup.

I'm not saying that Markov is an untouchable but if you're going to trade this player it's for something more than the nonsense you're babbling about on this thread.
I'm not suggesting he be given away... again, you are making strawman arguments.
Originally Posted by onice View Post
What calculated risk are you babbling about? May I see those calculations? Give your head a shake, Things are loose in there.

Elite players are less of a roulette wheel than elite prospects.
Of course they are. It's a calculated risk to deal away a player for a prospect. You do it for future values. But those prospects aren't blind shots on a board.

You're sitting there saying that I was lucky back when I suggested dealing for Bobby Ryan or JVRD? It's not luck. Those players were elite prospects. Stands to reason that they will probably go on to become at least decent players going forward. And there's a good chance they'll be good to great players.

As for now... Markov is a diminishing asset but is a great PP specialist. Assuming he has a good year there are teams that will pay highly for him. Personally I think we should take the risk on this. Our team is young and it won't be the end of the world for us if we don't win the cup this year. By dealing Markov now and getting a player who can help us down the road we extend our window for winning. Yes, we take a step back but we actually get CLOSER to a cup.

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