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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Galvo, are you willing to pay the extra money for the backwards compatibility? The Cell processor they used was expensive. Putting that back in the console is just ballooning the cost of the system. It's not like you are selling your ps3 right away..
No, the Cell processor was lame. I would sell my PS3 to raise money to buy a PS4. It would be safe to say that if I owned a PS4, I would not own a PS3.

****, my TV only has four HDMI inputs anyway. Cable box, PS3, 360, computer - I'm all out of ports And what gigantic entertainment systems do you guys own that would house all of these components?

Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
No. If you wanted to play an old game, you just hooked up that system and played it.
Not if you sold the old system to raise money to buy the new system. I have also given my old systems away to family members who couldn't afford to buy the systems themselves.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
That isn't a huge issue to me. I had a backwards compatible PS3 and I only played PS2 games for a very short time. I had a PS3, why play the old games?
Because some of the old games are still very good games.

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