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02-25-2013, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Actually, I think if he doesn't get hurt again, Markov will be better the remaining years than he is this year.

He's adjusting his game to the fact that he lost a step. Markov hasn't lost his hockey sense. Strength wise he hasn't lost anything. His only problem this year is he's still thinking as if he has the speed of three-four years ago.

Markov is an intelligent player (very similar to Lindstrom) and he'll adjust.

That's his value as a player. His value as a mentor for the three young d-men we have on the roster plus the two or three (Tinordi, Ellis, Beaulieu, or Patryn) coming up within the next three years is incalculable.

Montreal, Whitesnake and a few others are bemoaning the fact that Hamilton doesn't have any veterans and here you are proposing the same thing for our defence on the big club.
I'm not saying he isn't intelligent, a good player or that he'd be worthless as a mentor. He's good and he has value. THAT's why he'd fetch a good return.

He's worth more as a trade asset then he does as a mentor. We have other players who can do this. The world won't end if we lose Markov.

Galchenyuk, Subban, Max... they'll all be better three or four years from now. Hopefully Tinordi, Beaulieu and others will be key pieces as well. Price will be in his prime.

THAT's when we'll be legit contenders. And it makes sense now to invest in a player who can help us then. A player who if he pans out would help us for the next decade +.

I realize that trading him now seems crazy when we're sitting first in the East. But I think we'll have a better chance of winning a cup in two or three years than we do now. And I think it makes a whole lot of sense to sacrifice a little bit today to get a player who can help us tomorrow.

You say the prospect might not pan out... that's true. But Markov could blow up that knee anyway. All things being equal, it's worth the risk to trade him.

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