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02-25-2013, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by nabob View Post
If Clutterbuck doesnt spend 10 minutes squirming around on the ice and doesnt re-aggravate an old injury does Hall even get suspended?

IMO the hit wasnt late and there have been tons of hits that low that dont end up in suspensions lately.
What gets me is they like to take injury into effect, what happens when guys like Hossa who are apparently KTFO only miss one game. Say Hansen was suspended for 10 games would they actually look at making it less because the player really wasn't hurt?

And I don't know why and I feel like a complete an utter moron, but I watched McCown's show Friday. The whole he intended to hurt Clutterbuck really gets me. How do they know that Hall intended to cripple up Clutterbuck? Something tells me if the intent was there that Clutterbuck would be going for surgery in the near future.

Poor Frideman too. Convo turns into an anti-fighting issue and he is out numbered 3-1.

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