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02-25-2013, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogelthorpe View Post
I'm just curious why people feel that our system, especially defensively, is bad? Why do people always insist that every goal that the other team scores is due to the opposing coach making these great adjustments, and "out coaching" DB?

Let's look at tonight's 3 goals against.
1) A bad turnover that Orpik flubbed 2-3 times. He had plenty of time and space and just failed to make the play. The puck comes back into our zone and eventually takes a bad bounce off of Orpik and in. That is on execution and a little bad luck.

2) 5-3 PP goal mainly because Adams took a needless penalty at a bad time. Whether you agree with the call or not, there was no reason he needed to chase the guy behind TB's net when we are short. That results in a wide open 5 on 3 PP goal for on of the leagues best scorers. Chalk that goal up to bad decision making on Adam's part.

3) Shot from the point that goes off of Vitale's skate right thru Orpik to Conacher wide open on the back door. Another Flukey bounce.

Why do people think that these are due to being "out coached" or "poor systems"?
What a curious game to pick for this argument.... Or perhaps rather predictable cherry picking?
This is not a game where the system gets much blame. Mostly because the great majority agree with your reading of those goals. The only widespread criticism of Bylsma after THIS game is A: him making the conscious effort to match our 4th against their 1st, which would have back fired big time if Fleury hadn't had a big night. B: that we allow teams back in after being multiple goals up more than seemingly any other team in the league. At some point that stops being about 'them breaks'.

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