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02-25-2013, 08:09 AM
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Peter Sullivan and I don't always share the same views, but I can say here I see most of his points. I also see many of the points being made by others. Honestly, this is a pretty good discussion coming from both sides.

I like our Conference in the fact that I believe we're in with some good organizations. Chicago and Minnesota are there, I think there is potential there for good match-ups. Chicago has some really good players, as does Minnesota now that they'll build off of Parise and Suter. Nashville is a well run organization. St. Louis is one of the up and coming teams in the league so if they sustain legitimacy at the top of the standings, there may be some good games there. Dallas and Colorado used to be atop the NHL's powerhouses, and both teams have some quality players.

It's interesting, I'll say that. Is it the most exciting to me, personally? My own personal opinion is no. I am with Peter in I really enjoy playing off against other fellow Canadian teams, especially in the playoffs, and I do fully see his point in the Western Canadian teams having the most, or a lot, of potential for bitter, ugly rivalries. I'm just not sure there is going to be that with most teams in our Conference. I won't count it out, however.

I see a lot of the points being made in the discussion, and I think they're all pretty valid ones.

Now a silly question as I haven't read up on it, how does the playoff system work itself out with these Conferences? I recall that last one being kind of crappy in that you'd have to face the same teams every year in rounds 1 or 2 or something to that effect. To me, that could get a bit boring after a while.

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