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02-25-2013, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Gnova View Post
It's actually refreshing to see a 21 year old kid act like a 21 year old kid and not a middle aged man.
He has plenty of time to be "mature". Let him enjoy youth.

But really, who cares if he becomes a captain? Being a captain doesn't equal passion and that was the topic of the thread.
i totally agree with this. I wouldn't mind seeing kane get a letter simply because his responses aren't the usual can-o-bland crap that comes out of every other hockey player.

Kids got crazy talent, and crazy drive. Wether or not he becomes a leader at some point, that can go either way- and i think it has more to do with what management/coaching decides their leaders look like then anything (most teams elect a very similar type of player year in year out).


and the irony in making a definitive statement about a players future, and then saying "its pointless no one can tell the future" is baffling.

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