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02-25-2013, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by bathroomSTAAL View Post
I liked how Beau celebrated his 1st goal as if it was his 23rd. He expects a lot more.
Bennett > Yakupov (or should that be ? )

I noticed the same thing someone else did, that even without the puck he knows where to be. Isn't just looking for open space and a pass all the time but instead going where he needs to be to help the team maintain posession in the zone, etc.

Originally Posted by Pancakes View Post
+ Team cycling - One of the better efforts we've had all year with cycling the puck
I noticed that too during the game. TB has some decent pesonnel on D so hopefully a little credit is due there.

Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
Anyone else get indigestion any time the puck got anywhere near Brooks Orpik's stick?
*raises hand*

He sucks right now; the Costco-sized bottle of Tums I bought last month is already half empty. Has one year left on his deal, going on 33... clearly slowing down some. If Shero could find an experienced replacement, Orpik might provide a pretty good return on the trade market.

Originally Posted by Candyman View Post
People questioning Orpiks play of late, just curious. do you see Bortuzzo as his long term replacement?
I think the consensus is he's not a replacement in the sense that he'll be hammering people all the time like Orpik used to do, but in terms of size and skill I'd say the possibility exists. Every shut-down guy doesn't have to be a bruiser.

Originally Posted by joey23 View Post
+++ Pretty Sweet... Congrats Beau Dangles!

Originally Posted by Florentino Ariza View Post
Nobody is going to mention specifically how absolutely dominant sid was with neal on his line?
Not sure I'd attribute that to Neal. Sid has looked pretty dominant at times the last several games. But I have little doubt once Crosby starts learning Neal's habits (in terms of where he goes without the puck), the goals will flow and Neal will not leave that line again. Turns out Sid's Neal is... Neal. The injury Gods have spoken.

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