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02-25-2013, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
What a curious game to pick for this argument.... Or perhaps rather predictable cherry picking?
This is not a game where the system gets much blame. Mostly because the great majority agree with your reading of those goals. The only widespread criticism of Bylsma here is A: him making the conscious effort to match our 4th against their first, which would have back fired big time if Fleury hadn't had a big night. B: that we allow teams back in after bring multiple goals up more than seemingly any other team in the league. At some point that stops being about 'them breaks'.
I don't even see people complaining about the system. That's just a typical "i'm right!" argument from probably weeks ago.

Or he's thinking people posting about our blown leads (and blaming it on Bylsma) as a schematic issue? I have no clue. But while on topic, I definitely hate blaming a coach when it's the players continuing to blow leads, but it's become the norm. Unfortunately when something happens like that, you can't fire every player and have to put the blame on the coaching staff for not fixing it. 5 times in the last year we've lost 2 goal leads to Philly. How many blown leads have we seen this year, too? It's just a huge issue. No other way to put it.

In fact, a blown 3 goal lead probably made the difference in that Pens/Flyers series. I'd be interested to see what happens if we don't blow that lead.

Once or twice - I say "oh well, it happens in the NHL." How many times we've done it becomes an issue.

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