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02-25-2013, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Serious HABit View Post
this habs team isn't strong enough to make it out of the second round. Not strong enough on D and no game-breaking centre.

We also can't and won't keep up this level of point production. Playing way in over our heads.

But like I said, we'll win one playoff series as we have for the past decade and a half, and manage to squeeze out two wins in the second round.
We won two series not so long ago.

And there's one thing you can't predict, that's the development of youngsters. Diaz has turned out to be a very efficient Dman for us. Emelin is pretty solid as well, although I don't think he should be playing on the right. PK is a beast and had two great years in the POs.
Then there's our two rookies who seem to improve as time passes. They provide us with good scoring depth that we didn't have last year. Same applies to Eller who seems to find his groove more.
So really, who knows..

People always think you need to be a certain way to win the POs. You need to be big and aggressive like the Ducks, you need to have superstars like the Pens, you need to be fast and skilled like Detroit, you need to be focused on Defense, you need to focus on offense, you need to be goons like Boston to intimidate your way to the cup.
It's all BS.

What you really need to get to the cup is luck. Obviously you need a good mix of players, but a lot of teams have good mixes, only one will win the cup amd that's usually because you got the lucky bounces.

Obviously we won't be favorites, far from it. But it's impossible to predict right now what will happen. As I said in my previous post, with a bad month of March we can end up outside the POs. We have been pretty lucky so far regarding injuries, which is a refreshing change from previous years, but we might end up having a string of them.

There's also the possibility of trades happening around the deadline. So, we'll have to wait and see.

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