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Originally Posted by garry1221 View Post
I can't see the PA going crazy about a wildcard race. Too much potential for injury, unneccessary extra games, etc. The wildcard spot should be based on one of two records. Ideally, in a divisional playoff format, use record vs division. The caveat to that is the uneven number of games played. Next idea, is the record vs all other conferences. If home/home vs all other conferences is put in place, it gives an equal sample for both teams. Caveat to this, if it's a divisional playoff format, you should use divisional(conference) standings, not leaguewide standings.

Basically, my thoughts come down to which scenario makes the best sense. My suggestions present a 'wildcard' feel without having to play any more games than needed. Both are easy enough to explain to the casual fan. Am I a fan of the'wildcard' thought? God no! But if it's a concession to the PA, I'm sure they'd like to see a safe one rather than risk injury from playing extra games.
Your idea doesn't solve the fundamental issue hte PA has with the 4 divisions. There's a 57% chance of making hte playoffs in a 7 team conference while only a 50% in an 8 team conference. Determining the final playoff spot in an interesting way in an 8 team conference doesn't change the fact that only 4 out of the 8 make it.

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