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02-25-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by leftwinger37 View Post
Remember: Snitches get stitches. I was in a league a couple of years ago that had pretty lax roster requirements. Pretty much anybody could play on the team as long as they had signed the roster at the begging of the season. We had a ton of guys sign the roster knowing that we would need subs at some point. Because our team wasn't exactly liked, other teams pulled roster checks on us (we had to go back to the locker room, grab ID, wait in line while the score keeper made sure we were all on the roster) on the regular. We always had legit players and we always won when teams did that. Made it so much sweeter... But seriously, why no delay of game penalty if there are no illegal players? The refs didn't like us very much either, so we didn't get very far with that one.
From the little I know about the USA hockey rules if you roster check and nobody is illegal it's supposed to be a delay of game penalty. But if the refs don't like you then pretty much no calls are going to go your way. I've been on a team that won a championship by roster checking. We were getting our ***** handed to us, had a bad history with the team, they were letting us know we were getting our ***** handed to us by them but a guy on our team noticed it wasn't their usual goalie in net. Turns out their goalie got thrown in jail the night before, no subs are allowed in playoffs so we won the championship while losing 6-1. Needless to say the other team was not happy with our actions. A decade later I still feel like since they were taunting us and using an illegal player then equal douchery should not be frowned upon and we still laugh about it. I even kept the score sheet.

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