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02-25-2013, 09:36 AM
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I spent the weekend doing an Oscar movie review.

Lincoln 8/10 Excellent period piece, well acted. Old Washington looked great. All the preformances were filled with angst & emotion. DDL nailed it as Lincoln.

Sliver lining playbook 8/10 From someone who grew up in a house hold with a crazy person this movie made me feel very uncomfortable because it was so dead on accurate. At times I felt like someone was filming my family & adapted a movie from it. I could have done without the happy ending because that's not what really happens. More than likely if something like that ending would happen in real life it would be soon followed by an disaterous manic episode. The entire cast was great. Denerio was his usual solid self, Jennifer Lawerence was amazing. Her Oscar was well deserved.

Zero Dark 30 9/10 Best movie I have seen in regards to 911. I thought this movie was better than Argo & should have had more consideration for Movie of the year.

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