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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
From my 20 years of rec league experience it seems like every once in awhile the good majority of players on the ice are all in a bad mood and stuff starts to happen. It starts to get really crazy when the refs are in a bad mood or don't like players on both teams and let things go. I don't mind getting hit in non check leagues or fighting in no fighting leagues but it would be nice to know we're hitting and fighting today. At least you sounded prepared for what went down, I think that's the key to staying safe while playing hockey no matter what they happen to call the league-it's still hockey and there are still lots of crazy people out there.
ya it was a frekin gong show out also helps I used to be a massive goon when I was a kid but I cleaned that up cause no one likes that guy. and I remember why I quit that league years back.

There are some great leagues out here in Nova Scotia where everyone plays hard...but clean. One league I play in will actually suspend for life, guys who are just plain trash (nothing but fights, dirty hits, cheap shots). Makes it more fun for us who actually have real jobs to go to in the morning.

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