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02-25-2013, 09:43 AM
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TSK, I've already shown that Koivu is a top 30 point producing center in the NHL. By definition, that makes him a top line center. No, he's not elite. But he's a top line center.

It makes no sense to trade Koivu. Why would you do it? You're not going to get a player better than him in the deal. Just some spare parts. He's under contract long term and still in his prime.

Are you going to turn that top line center spot over to Brodziak? He was our top line center half of last year and scored a whopping 44 points. Which is what Mikko scored in 55 games. Brodziak played 82. Oh yeah, and Mikko was a +10 while Brodz was a -15.

Literally the only thing he doesn't do is score goals. He sets them up. That's fine. Put goal scorers on the line with him. Put Seto on that right wing. I'll forgive Koivu for only getting 15 goals a year if his linemates combine for 50+.

You say you want this team to get better but you want to trade one of the best forwards on the team? How exactly does that make the team better again?

Because we need to rebuild? What have we ever built? Who are the aging cornerstones of the team? We already moved off all the old players. Gaborik and Brunette and Schultz and Walz and everyone from the mid 2000's.

We're still building. We brought in Parise and Suter and Havlat. Moved Havlat, Burns, and Schultz for Heatley, Setoguchi, Coyle, and Gilbert. We drafted Granlund, Zucker, Larsson, Dumba, Phillips, Bulmer, and some very good goalies.

This is year one of the transition to youth. We're like one quarter of the way through the first year of that transition. Now is not the time to jettison players who help that transition and are still high end NHL'ers.

Does Mikko need to step it up? Hell yes he does. He has 3 points in his last 11 games. But he had 8 points in the previous 6 games. But so does Parise. He has 3 points in his last 12 games. But he had 9 points in the previous 5 games.

It's looking like maybe we ought to split those two up and try to get everyone going. The entire team is so easy to shut down right now. It's hard to point at one or two players when the entire offense has been sputtering for a solid month.

At first I shrugged it off as the depth players not doing well as the top line was brilliant, but now it's looking more like a team/system issue. And Yeo scolds the players for getting into a "track meet"? If Koivu doesn't whiff that one timer, the Wild are up 1-0, not down 1-0. One mistake doesn't mean you completely stop trying to generate offense. And we keep slipping down on the PP as well, getting worse and worse, and the PP is so bad that it completely derails the team for the rest of the night? Yikes.

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