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02-25-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
That game was spoiled away. Lokti's shot through the crease early on, two really bad goals involving Moose, and the ref blown call in the crease in addition to several shots that could have gone but didn't. Bad play + bad luck = you're gonna have a bad time.

JJ was #20 overall and if you look at the names picked after him, they aren't doing much of anything either. It's not like we passed on Kadri. Kyle Palmieri is probably the most successful person picked late in the draft to this point and he's only 4th lining it. It's more people's expectations that have been the let down, not his actual performance to his draft slotting and comparables. Would we have loved him to be John Madden reborn? Sure. Maybe even a Zajac lite - but reality is he may take a heck of a lot more time to blossom than we like, especially after having major injuries during his prime development time. You may as well treat him as a 2010 draft pick with all the time lost.

Lord knows he should have back problems by now, all these years carrying the team.
Astute look at the game and I agree. I think we did play better in some aspects of the game, but other aspects were poor. Moose was lackluster, but its hard to blame him considering he just played the day before and wasn't going to start today. Messes me the routine. Despite the goal I think the PK looked better, but one mistake and a save that should of been made but wasn't will always gloss over that.

Power play was a definite let down. We had a chance to put this game out of reach on one, and get back in on another and it looked terrible. Urgency level wasn't where it should of been in the 3rd but we did unofficially pull within 1 with 5 left, but they screwed that for us.

We just need to get back on track. Hopefully Marty and Carter are going to be ok soon, and the three days allows us to work some crap out. Still if we have to slump now is the best time to. Rather now then mid-March/April.

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