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02-25-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
The new HF NYR boards meme seems to be bash the "system" but beyond, "We should play more offense" people haven't really fleshed out the topic so this would be a good place to do that if you have something meaningful to say.

My thoughts, first off the system isn't don't score. You wouldn't get that reading a lot of what's posted around here, so I wanted to start there. Next I think it should be noted that we do carry the puck in at times, but the system has been to make sure you get it in, so if that means dump and chase then yeah that's more preferable than neutral zone turnovers. And guess what, that's the way most teams go about it. You don't have room to carry it in you dump and chase. That's the nature of the NHL, you want all this puck carrying watch the soft euro leagues with their giant rinks. And again, don't forget we DO carry it in. We just haven't looked great doing it. My guess is because we don't have that many great puck carriers. We lost our best last year in Dubi, and this year it's Nash but he really likes to go one v one in the offensive zone when he carries. Dubi would go coast to coast more comfortably and just carry in to the O zone and then move it a lot more.

This team isn't a puck carrying team. It can't be. And realize that that doesn't mean it can't be a puck possession team though. This year we've seen long spurts where we set up in the O zone and just take it to the other team for shifts at a time. But in terms of taking the puck up territorially we don't have anyone who is particularly good at it or comfortable at it. So we do what we need to to move it up. It's not ideal but it's how we've built the team. We need to grind.

I agree. I've actually felt this team has carried the play the majority of time in most games 5 on 5, they just havent been able to finish plays, some bad bounces - the other teams come back get 3 shots on net and 1 goes in. There have been a lot of bad bounce goals going in against the Rangers. A lot of posts, missed opportunities, and failed PP's for the Rangers.

I dont think the system is an issue if they dont give up a few leads and get a few bounces. The Rangers could easily be a 10 or 11 win team right now, even with the injuries they've sustained.

I think with the new players coming in, no camp, effected their start and more importantly their consistency. I know its the same excuses over and over again but i believe that, an early trade, the need to have to play some rookies and injuries have contributed to it.

I do however, hate the dump and chase on the PP. I think that's a lazy play and doesnt work. It can be done at the right time and its effective, but it cant be a set play. 70% of the time its a flat out giveaway and clear.

But a large part of Torts system is predicated on being positionally sound, timing and rotation - especially in the neutral zone. When you lose 3 or 4 guys that were very good in those areas it hurts so it takes some time to get back to it. Ive felt that this team has shown it can do it. Problem is its for a period or two and not 60 minutes, and again, to me thats because of all of the things I pointed out above.

Its important that the Rangers try to stick to their gameplan, especially at home because the heart of their system is defense and that has shown to win them a lot of games in the past. But when you have the last change i'd like to see Tortorella adjust a little better in game. His stubbornness gets the best of him in certain situations.

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