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02-25-2013, 10:12 AM
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I think this is a great thread. Way more real discussion going on in here than just yelling about the coach and the system.

Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Because most of our forwards are below average puck carriers.

I think this comes down to what I've been saying the biggest problem for this team is right now: lack of good puck carriers. When no one can take the puck and go with it you can try to avoid having to do that with long passes. As for standing around again it's because no one wants to carry the puck for any real time. The problem isn't "the system" it's that these guys force us to have to play this way. And even then, last year showed this can work. But in order for it to work everyone has to have an intense work ethic and commitment and it has seemed to be lacking this year. We can't afford to be at anything less than 100%, Torts has said that all the time. We're no good enough not to, Torts said that to the media all the time last year, I think some guys have it in their heads that that isn't the case this year.
Personally, I agree with this post, the bolded especially. The system isn't entirely problematic - it's that this year's team doesn't have the balls to the wall attitude necessary to have success playing this way. That's what's holding them back. Maybe its high turnover and a lack of camp, maybe its coming in with huge expectations, but the mindset isn't right yet.

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