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02-25-2013, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
Could it be that the ''bandwith'' comes into equation ? I mean it does costs them something to publish the feed over the net, so maybe the cost vs the potential revenue isn't enough ?

I know that Bruins live radio feed also has some silences during commercial breaks.
There's no way bandwidth costs factor into the equation here. Any potential revenue, even if they got 1% of normal advertising rates, would far exceed the minimal bandwidth expenses.

Originally Posted by Mr. Fancy Pants View Post
No, because I've checked the bandwidth being used when watching a game and it's the same during the screensaver for the commercials/intermission as it is for the actual game.
Heh, this doesn't surprise me that much though, since it is just a video player on the page, and in order for a video player to show something it takes the same amount of bandwidth regardless of what's on the screen. The bandwidth savings would be minimal anyway. Keep in mind these companies pay for a line of a certain speed, regardless of how much actual traffic there is per month.

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