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02-25-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by IWantSakicAsMyGM View Post
The Avs have little need for a RHD who can play top pairing minutes, since they have EJ. Siemens could potentially fill the top pairing LHD need, so giving him up is an issue unless a more proven LHD is coming back. And I'm not really interested in Buff's cap hit for the 2nd pairing.

Regardless of RORs salary demands, he's a valuable asset. His negotiating tactics leave something to be desired, but he's a very solid 2C with 1C potential. Future Selke finalist/winner without a doubt.

And that 1st round pick is looking like it will be top 5. In this draft, that pick is golden.
Colorado doesn't have a huge need for Byfuglien that is certainly understandable.

I agree ROR is a good player and if he can keep the same offensive pace or pick it up a bit it would go a ways in justifying that salary but if he doesn't he is not even close to worth that. That is obviously the dilemma in Denver they don't believe he is currently worth that price so I don't think other teams are going to be clamouring to give up assets to sign him at that price either. If the Avs don't want to sign him as a 5 million a year player they are going to have a hard time trading him as one IMO.

If the first pick does end up in the top 5 then your right it would not look very smart if they traded it. It would make no sense to add to ROR to trade him when they can just lower their asking price for him.

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