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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
I'm VERY late to this discussion, so forgive me if the answers to these questions are obvious but:

Assuming the NHL adopts the 4 Conference setup in the OP,

1. Do we know what playoff system will be? Top four from each conference?
2. Do we know what the regular season schedule breakdown will be?
Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
1. Seems to have a provision for a "playin" to get top 4 in "conference", but I haven't seen any tweets/articles with specifics.

2. Again, haven't seen any details, but I think it will be two games against all other conferences minimum, or there will be some teams that will vote against alignment.
The assumption from the limited information that has been leaked:

The NHLPA's starting point for realignment was the NHL-approved repackaging from December 2011. That means, unless otherwise noted, the four conference setup is home-and-away for every team out of conference, with the remaining games in-conference. The qualification for the playoffs is top-four within each conference.

However, the details other than the alignment are lacking. The newly-proposed realignment in the OP doesn't address the NHLPA's original concern regarding the unfair, unbalanced playoff qualification regarding a strict, top-four qualification in conferences of seven and eight teams. Therefore, if the NHLPA is on board with the realignment, and it has been tweeted, there has to be something that "fixes" the playoff qualification, such as a play-in playoff game.

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