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02-25-2013, 10:52 AM
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How are they more built to be a dump and chase team when Callahan and Hagelin are the only two players who can retrieve a puck that has been dumped in with any regularity?

These are NHL players, they have the skills to play a different way.

Puck possession hockey thru the neutral zone and into the offensive zone is about the player transporting the puck making good reads on that particular play. Sure he also has to have some skating and passing skills, his team mates have to also read the play to give the transporter an out pass but all the same these are NHL players, it's not like they have not been exposed to a puck possession game plan at various points in their hockey lives.

If the transporter reads a play and there is nothing there, if the choices are a low percentage pass, or rush that may be a turnover than they should dump the puck. If the D is tired or it's time for a line change, they have to dump. However just dumping when other options are available is just ending any creativity that can come from that play.

How many times have the Rangers scored off a rush this year? All their offense comes from the walls or behind the net and only if they win the puck battle regaining possession. They are not even very good at cycling the puck to create havoc and get someone open ice.

I'd venture to guess that this mentality of playing a dump as the first option also has something to do with the power play looking about as uncreative as can be.

Gaining the zone with possession helps add options, does not mean they have to do it every time, does not mean they should even attempt it all the time and force a bad situation, but without it in the arsenal it makes the Rangers predictable and easy to coach against.

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