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02-25-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
Took a look into this
Out of a business standpoint
If - as some people suggest - the Rangers were to buyout Richards after THIS SEASON - then the following consequences would actually take place from a payroll perspective .

Richards would then have played one full and one lockout season for The Rangers. What would then be the cost?

Salary 2011/2012 = $12,000,000 (incl $10,000,000 in signing bonus)
Salary 2013 season (prorated) = ~ $2,341,463
Salary 2013 signing bonus (paid out entirely without deduction for prorated season or escrow) = $8,000,000
TOTAL SALARY COST = $22,341,463

AMNESTY BUYOUT COST = 24,000,000 (two thirds of $36,000,000 remaining money on contract spread out over 14 years)


COST PER SEASON = $23,170,731.50

Now if I were Jim Dolan, Glen Sather or even John Tortorella, this might become a bit unsettling, to say the least. No? This kind of bad ROI is almost unheard of and follow the money trail... yeah - those of you that have been involved in business know how it usually works here.

I therefore think that the amnesty buyout of Richards - if it comes at all - would come after 2013/2014 season
Yes, though we don't have the entire fiscal perspective. We're only looking at the costs ans comparing that against average player salaries. Is that really the perspective to measure against or is it other factors? Like how many season tickets were sold after the Richards signing was announced? How did it affect advertising sales, etc. Additionally, without Richards do they make the ECF and how much revenue did the team take in doing so? If with Richards the Rangers make at least enough to offset his salary for two years, and the Rangers make a hella lot, then the cost could be justified.

Could there have been a better investment? IMO, there has been no one of Richards' caliber available, though that changes this coming off season. Which then the analysis becomes, how much is Richard's continual cost going to be during the term of his contract vs how much is someone else going to make us during the same time and is there a benefit.

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While a line or PP consisting of Nash, Getzlaf, Perry is erection inducing, it is also unrealistic.
Although improbable, it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

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