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02-25-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
What gets me is they like to take injury into effect, what happens when guys like Hossa who are apparently KTFO only miss one game. Say Hansen was suspended for 10 games would they actually look at making it less because the player really wasn't hurt?
No way they would change it because they want us to believe that suspensions aren't tied to injuries althoguh his stupid videos have said:

"play results in an injury"

You're right it really is a silly process and he should come out and make a decision quicker than he does.

What's the status on Clutter, is he playing?

As for Hall's suspension I don't mind it I think 2 games was a bit much but should have a got one as a first time offender for at least being wreckless. But what really gets me is the non-call bs. Like going back last year when Hartnell was all hot and bothered after Potter rocked him and he was running around like an idiot and took a run at MPS with a knee.

His play was 10 times more wreckless and far more easy to call out as you know and could see in his play that he was pissed off that he was run by Potter, hell his post-game comments even confirmed that. Hall you have to assume is pissed off because his team is losing which is a bit of a stretch but possibly true. Either way I have no idea why one play is suspendable and the other isn't.

I assume there's a lot of I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of deals between the league and certain GMs/Owners. Or hell it could just all be league devised as well, they don't care if they **** off the Canadian fans because they know they will keep watching all the time.

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