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02-25-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Winnik was not underperforming. He just wasn't scoring. That's not what he does. He's a solid defensive forward and continues to be one. I don't mind the trade, but the three best defensive forwards this team had from last season (O'Reilly, Winnik, McClement) are now gone. John Mitchell can't replace all of them.

Didn't mind those acquisitions either...though the loss of Quincey was never addressed and compounded since Liles was already gone. The offense from the blueline was left to Johnson and Hunwick, and I think we can all agree that Hunwick is not an adequate puckmoving defenseman.

And yet they're playing softer than ever in the defensive zone.

I thought the O'Byrne trade was a great one and have defended it every time, even though it was a costly one. It's fine to add one big, slow, physical defenseman when you have a fast, mobile blueline. But then to add more slow, physical defenders with limited or no puck skill (Hejda, O'Brien, Zanon) not only made O'Byrne redundant, it exposed the fact that he has NO puck skill whatsoever. It's like Sherman forgot that if you don't have any puck skills, you can't control the play in the defensive zone at all, and when you can't do that, you can't get the ****ing puck out of the zone. This team has gone from having a defense that got bumped around and pinned in their own zone to a defense that gets skated around and pinned in their own zone. I liked the defense that gave up a lot of goals and scored a lot of them better than the defense that gives up a lot of goals and didn't score a single frickin' one until Tyson Barrie did last week against the Preds.

I suppose he filled the roster up with meatheads because he didn't want to have to start Barrie or Elliott with the team. But if that was the plan, it was a miserable failure because they not only had to keep Barrie on the team (and in the press box for a good long time), they had to rush Elliott onto the roster fresh from a serious knee injury. Yeah...not great talent development there. How the Avs thought for a moment they could ice a competent team with a blueline this inexcusably bad to start the year is mind-boggling to me. In fact I find it insulting. Unless you're aiming to tank on purpose, you don't do that. And if they honestly are TRYING to tank, then I really want Sherman gone.

And sorry, I think Hejda's been largely a disappointment thus far.

So far, so good on that front. Unfortunately signing Jones to a similar contract is not working so far. We'll see though.

Not arguing with that tradeoff as of yet, but it's too bad he's completely botching things with our other top PK forward...but I've said my piece on that. That has more to do with his boss than him.

Sorry, I still maintain that he didn't have to throw money around to ice a better team than he did at the start of this season. If you're okay with him icing a team this season that had nothing but EJ and a bunch of pylons on D, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I'm not okay with it. Even the Islanders did more to address their issues regarding offense from the blueline than the Avs did.

I think, by themselves, his trades have, for the most part, worked out. Put together though and he's made enough mistakes, especially on defense, that make me openly question if he really has a plan.

He can redeem himself big-time if he somehow squeezes out a win on the O'Reilly trade. I don't think he will though. I just don't have confidence in Greg the Bean Counter anymore.
I really think this is just an emotional reaction to the team not playing well. So what if Liles and Quincey haven't fully been replaced as of yet, or there are still some holes in the lineup. If they didn't have issues, they'd have a cup contending team. That's ridiculously high expectations for a team in the 4th year of a rebuild. You got to give him time. If we're still out of the playoffs under the next coach, and have big holes in the lineup, then you can lynch him if you want.

Winnik was under performing, they needed more offense out of him and Gali.

Say what you will about the D core, it's not soft. It's just slow, especially right now.

You're right he doesn't have to throw money around to improve the team, but trying to fill the holes in a smart way takes time. You can't expect him to both do it smart, and get it all done in the summer.

What were the better options that he should have pursued? No one is providing any. It's just people who are upset because the teams not playing well. It's really just armchair general managing to a tee IMO.

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