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02-25-2013, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
He comes into play because you act like Richards has no value, which is just untrue. The Rangers wouldn't do this in a million years. Richards, regardless of his crappy start to the season, is a huge part of this team both now and in the future.

We knew what we were getting when we signed him. he's not sidney crosby, but he's a first line center, a guy who while not a game breaker is still very good.

The only way he would be traded is if another first-line center is coming back. As Rangers fans we know that isn't Anisimov, we sure as hell don't need dubi's cap hit back and erixon doesn't make up for the gaping hole that Richards would leave.

No one has a clue about long-term contracts, that i agree with, but lets not act like just because it's a long contract and a player is slumping that he has crap value.

This is an awful proposal and one that wouldn't even be considered for a millisecond. Those guys are done as Rangers, at least for now.
Please show me where I said Richards has no value. Very interested to see such a statement.

That trade IMO favors the Rangers and is unfair for the Jackets. That doesn't mean Richards has no value, just not as much as the OP thinks. The value Richards does have is affected by his contract.

It may not make sense for the Rangers (it doesn't) but sense and value are different things.

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