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02-25-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Madhatter73 View Post
The Panthers are not going to have a fire sale...

Tallon's plan for the team was always to be patient and wait for the kids to come up. My belief is that his intent is for the Panthers to be a VERY competitive team in 14-15. The majority of the questionable players will have no contract (or only 1 year left) at that point.

Blowing up the team would only make sense if Tallon's expectation was to use these players for a Cup run or if he can get a decent pick back (aka Weiss). There is NO WAY the Panthers will make a serious Cup run until the youth movement is in full effect. They just won't have the skill players available until then.

This is the part the sucks the most and that most poor GMs panic during. The Panthers have had 15 years of fire sales and attempts at quick fixes. It should be blatantly obvious that it doesn't work.

I do, however, see a move or two made to get the team to play harder. Whether that be trading Weiss or firing Dineen, we'll have to see.

Personally, I'd be interested to see what Lindy Ruff still thinks about Florida. He was part of our '96 run after all.
I don't see a fire sale happening either.

I mean, possibly some guys whom are to be UFAs or have only a year left after this one, but not the stop gags of Kopecky, Jovo etc.

Smithson, Kovalev, Santorelli (like anyone would want him lol), Strachan and sadly the gem of this group if he keep playing like crap, Weiss. Theodore has a NTC.. So that's about it.

But Versteeg, he can **** off for all I care. So frustrating to watch his endless poor mimicking of Kane, when he isn't Kane and nowhere near close even.

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