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Originally Posted by indigobuffalo View Post
I would think that the firesale would be of the veterans, not the prospects.

But if the plan is to compete in 2014-15, then some of the 2013 Entry Draft picks could be competitive parts of that equation. That means trading guys from the current roster that could net high picks this upcoming draft would be a good idea.

Tallon will have his own blueprint in mind for how he wants his team built. Some guys will make the grade, others will not.

I would expect the roster players that are former Blackhawks are the true untouchables, along with Tallon picks and maybe some of the top prospects, but definitely not all of them.

That being said, Tallon is a smart guy, so he's not exactly going to undersell any asset he has. He's also not one to wheel and deal a lot.
Exactly right. It'll be the veterans on expiring deals or maybe a few depth players on the farm that aren't really helping the Rampage either.

Yes I think he has his blueprint already in mind and he's already stated many times that the guys he signed last yr are mostly going to bridge the gap until the youngsters have developed more and ready to start taking the lead.

Yeah the expectation is that most of the former Blackhawks are probably safe and not moving. Most of Tallon's picks are probably safe but I wouldnt ever say all of them are safe. Definitely the top prospects are safe so he won't be moving young guys like Shore, Huberdeau, Gudbranson, etc. The only guy that is young that could be moved would possibly be Kulikov and that would ONLY be in a deal similar to what Pittsburgh did with Goligoski for Neal + Niskanen. Unfortunately, guys like Neal arent easy to find these days so I doubt even Kulikov is moved.

So here's the list of guys that I think Tallon would be thinking about moving this season (probably in order):

one of Theodore or Clemmensen
Upshall (will probably wait until the offseason to do anything with him)
Bergenheim (due to injury dispute/grievance)

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