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02-25-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
That trade would be a big "no," for both teams.

Why would we trade Lucia and Coyle? Lucia has good potential, but his trade value is not all that high. Unproven prospects like him, who would not bring much, are better off holding onto.

Coyle, really? Cus he's sucked for us? He's young, unproven, and has a bright future, yeah, let's just trade one of our most promising forwards... Cus, you know, this is our year and all...WTF

Who the hell wants Heatley? So what you're saying is he's the big piece of the trade? Please, they would laugh at us. Pens are about the only team that might even entertain that idea.

Vanek. Sure he's good. Not worth what he would cost us, in reality. Not given our situation right now.
You must value the unkwon vs a guy 3rd in the NHL in points.

Koivu- Parise- Vanek for the next 4 years. Yeah not what we need at all.

Look at all the prospects that had bright futures and how many turned out. I am fine with Coyle leaving. Kid has not dominated against older talent. Mustered 10 career NCAA goals in 53 games. Beats up on younger Q players and is crowned great. One NHL goal.

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