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02-25-2013, 11:39 AM
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I posted this in the closed thread, so I hope it's ok to put it here, too.

I am still wondering about the reasoning behind this proposal which has been floated:

1) Is it the real thing - I mean a real leak? Or, a trial balloon. Remember, the last time, HNIC floated a trial balloon, and it was revised before we saw what the BoG really went for.

2) If it is the real things, is it true that the PA had something to do with it? If so, how does it meet their concerns? 3 things seem to come to me about that.
2a) Concerning travel, all the ETZ teams are now together. The PA should like that. Only Cal, Edm and Col are playing across TZ within their conference. I would think the PA would want more - like some kind of input in length of road trips, etc.
2b) Concerning playoffs. The PA never said they were dead against a 4-conference setup. So, it's possible that they see a work around here. My guess is the reasoning goes: 7-team conferences: 4/7 or 57% qualify for playoffs. 8-teams conferences: 4/8 or 50%. If we add a mini-playoff to the 8 team conferences, then basically 4.5/8 make the playoffs (I mean that there are 5 teams included, but one of them won't make the round of 16, so the #5 teams doesn't really have a full chance). 4.5/8 = 56%. Now, that's close. I can see the PA agreeing to that. I have no guess about whether it's a 1-game or a 3-game. But I see this working.
2c) Hybrid of travel and playoffs: While the mini-playoff is occuring, the other teams get a little extra rest. It makes sense to have all the PTZ, MTZ and CTZ, who might otherwise have more travel in the playoffs, due to longer flights, be in the 7-team conferences, so they all get extra rest.

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