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02-25-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
The assumption from the limited information that has been leaked:

The NHLPA's starting point for realignment was the NHL-approved repackaging from December 2011. That means, unless otherwise noted, the four conference setup is home-and-away for every team out of conference, with the remaining games in-conference. The qualification for the playoffs is top-four within each conference.

However, the details other than the alignment are lacking. The newly-proposed realignment in the OP doesn't address the NHLPA's original concern regarding the unfair, unbalanced playoff qualification regarding a strict, top-four qualification in conferences of seven and eight teams. Therefore, if the NHLPA is on board with the realignment, and it has been tweeted, there has to be something that "fixes" the playoff qualification, such as a play-in playoff game.
Finally, someone who is just presenting the facts based on what we've heard and what those items didn't address regarding the original proposal and the PA's issues with it. Thanks, Grudy0, I've been getting frustrated with this discussion.

But here's my question, Grudy0,... How is it that this Wildcard play-in idea can resolve the imbalance presented by 7 and 8-team Conferences? It's a pure smoke-screen, and I hope Fehr and company aren't stupid enough to not see that. All a wildcard play-in does is to give an even lower seed an opportunity to be in the Playoffs. The odds of a team in an 8-team Conference being in the Playoffs is still the same: 50%, whereas in a 7-team Conference it's: 57%.

The issue that some of us have with a top-4 Playoffs is that frequently there'll be a 4th place team in one Conference with a worse record than a 5th or possibly even a 6th place team in another Conference. But unless this is a crossover Wildcard Play-in, which apparently it isn't, then this idea will only serve to give an even lower seed a chance to be in the Playoffs. Talk about diminishing the significance of an 82-game Season. This is ******** in its purist form.

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