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02-25-2013, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
Living out east, I don't think you guys get a fair shake in the media coverage out here as it is. Pull the Red Wings into the east and it will just further reinforce the notion in the big eastern media markets that the NHL is an eastern league first & foremost with a western appendix stuck onto it. The Canadian teams will be fine, and the Blackhawks will be fine, but I think the rest of the western teams will tend to get overlooked, especially if the schedule reverts to a division-heavy one.
They are overlooked in the East now and it is always going to be like that because their home games during the week start at 10/10:30 eastern, so people living in the east aren't watching anyway. Just like I am sure there aren't many people in California watching too many Rangers or Isles games because they start at 4/4:30.

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