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02-25-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post - Click on the tab "next week" to see next week's schedule. There are no Kitchener games being broadcasted this week.

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I don't mind you defending Murphy because his defense isn't as horrible as everyone says it is. But my issue comes with your continuous attacks stating people haven't seen him. Obviously I can't say if they have seen Murphy in Kitchener or not, but there are more ways to watch him than paying to watch him. As you can see in the attachment, you can't be a hundred percent sure they don't watch kitchener.

I wish Murphy the best of luck on Carolina. Glad to see he's doing well.
Yeah if you live around Kitchener. Somehow I doubt that many people live around here.

Originally Posted by newfy View Post
I'm one of the biggest culprits for what? Not watching him? Because thats definitely not true. I just dont think hes as good as you pump his tires to be. Hes a solid prospect, that I definitely dont think will live up to his hype but will probably carve out a decent NHL career as a PP guy.

There are plenty of people (including Kitchener fans) who post about him not being a rock defensively like you think he is. Why would everyone hate Murphy for no reason though is what I dont get? You say everyone makes up all these turnovers that he has and that none of these bad defensive plays are legit but yet so many people point them out.

Why would anyone hate Murphy or want to rag on him? I could see Rielly getting ragged on extra because hes a leaf or Hamilton because hes so hyped up but whats the reason that all these people would choose to pick on Murphy like you think?

Carolina is hardly represented on here, Kitchener isnt a team that people hate, Murphy isnt a cheap shot artist etc. So what reason do you think all these people have to point out flaws in Murphys game other than the fact that they are what they are and he needs to improve some areas of his game. As for the last Sproul comment, this thread isnt about him but I think hes came way further defensively than Murphy has since their draft year and that theyre pretty close now. Sprouls also got some attributes (size/reach) that give him a chance to better in the future as well
You are. Ever since the Summer Series, you've been on him. You even denied he had good games, despite all the praise he got for his performance there. Murphy isn't even close to hype, any thread that pops up has the majority of people saying he's awful. He's underrated if anything.

Where have I ever said he will be a rock defensively? He definitely is very good at the OHL level. Kitchener fans (Who are notorius for being negative anytime something goes wrong) don't deny this. You won't find a Kitchener fan who thinks he's horrible defensively. Different opinions sure, but anyone who watches him regularly doesn't think that.

Reilly and Hamilton have a big enough fanbase to drown out or silence detractos. Carolina doesn't. No junior team has enough of a fanbase to do it either. I said I don't know where the hate comes from, because people weren't this negative when Murphy was worse defensively then he is now.

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