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02-25-2013, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
The defense is still superb 5v5. The issue is the penalty kill.

A few weeks ago, this team gave up 5 total goals in a 5 game stretch against Tampa, Pittsburgh x2, and both NY teams. Only 3 of those5 goals came 5v5.

Here's the breakdown of goals the last 12 games:

Total: 30 goals (2.5 per game)
Even Strength: 14
PPG: 13
SHG: 1
EN: 1

That's a really good total even strength. The PK is AWFUL so far. It doesn't help that alot of those penalties are dumb ones.

Very solid info right there.

I just feel that we have too many "meh" blueliners and that we don't know who to pick from. If Anton is here mostly for his PK duties, is it fair to say that he's basically irrelevant atm cause his PK efforts as of late or plain horrible PLUS he's taking too many bonehead penalties cause he can't keep up.

Salvador is looking like the Salvador I kept crapping on a couple of years ago. He just doesn't resemble anything like the Sal we saw during our cup run and let's hope that he'll turn the corner eventually, cause we all saw that he can give us more then what we're seeing atm.