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02-25-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by SchennSational1022 View Post
Its been one season dude... Richards and carter were dealt because we werent going to win with them the message was clear. Im glad they won a cup somewhere else but these trades have set our franchise in another direction for the next decade. Youre being completely ignorant but i wouldnt expect anything else if youre an LA fan. I doubt you even knew the kings existed 10 years ago

In regards to the Kessel trade nobody looks at it that way. Its looked at as a win for Boston solely because the players they received and their was clear they didnt need kessel
Set your franchise in another direction? Before these trades Philly was already a cup contender, and, if the hype on here was to be believed, once they got their first championship, that core was going to go on to dominate for years. At least that is what we heard about Captain Cannon and all the rest.

I have no doubt that Philly got good value with those trades, but its not as if they needed to reboot a franchise that had just been to the finals. They took a young team and got even younger. Yes, the potential is higher, but no, they are still no better than their predecessors in terms of pedigree. And in the cap age, its not as if keeping them all is going to be a piece of cake.

That said, from LA's perspective, its two good youngsters for a piece that won them a cup. Its a no brainer to make that deal, every single time.

The jibes about LA's fans are so childish to try to win an argument, btw. I've been out there, and there are passionate hockey fans, despite it being a huge baseball/bball city.

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