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02-25-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Simple, they apply a tie-breaker like they do now. What happens if two teams are tied for 8th in the conference at the end of the season? One gets in, one doesn't.
That's all good and fine, and I agree. But some here, perhaps you as well, are arguing that it shouldn't matter if the 5th place team is even 10pts lower than the 4th, there should still be this wildcard play-in opportunity. So in one Conference you got a 5th place team 10pts lower, and in the other you've got a 5th and 6th tied both 1 point lower than the 4th spot. Where's the sense in that?

Take the Standings as they actually are after 82 games and go with that. But if the 4th and 5th in an 8-team Conference haven't played an equal home-and-home, and the 5th place team could overtake the 4th with a win in a 6th game between the two... Then wildcard game does perhaps increase the fairness, which relates to the PA's issue about imbalance.

The hellish thing for me in all these threads is in that every new situation that comes up, I find myself supporting the very thing that I was criticizing in the previous thread, because the new situation has presented something even worse and now I have to argue in favor of what was on the table previously. I feel like I've fallen into a blackhole.

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