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Originally Posted by Zonk View Post
Agree with all of the above, but would add the Doug Jarvis for Greg Hubick deal as one of the worst.

I have to laugh when I read that some consider the Kessel trade to be one of the worst of all time. Sam Pollock (who won 12 Stanley Cups) always said that the team that got the best player won the trade. Based on performance to date, the Leafs got the best player. I readily agree that any or all of Seguin, Hamilton and Knight could turn out to be better, but there is no way of knowing at this time. Hence, until one of them proves to be better than Kessel, that trade cannot possibly be considered one of the worst of all time for the Leafs.
I have to laugh when I read this.
Applying this logic it would be a great deal to trade Duchene, Landeskog, O'Reilly, Johnson, Varlamov and our next five 1st round picks for Claude Giroux.
I mean.. Giroux is the best player in the deal as it stands right now.
Obviously a hyperbole but I think it underlines my statement.

Also need to take into account that the Leafs were not contending or going to contend soon from the point when the trade was done. Leafs would look so much better right now (in terms of "rebuilding" and looking forward) if that trade was undone and Kessel could not help them win anything in the meantime as well.

Don't know if it really was/is one of the worst trades all time but it's a clear loss no matter what kind of quotes you use to defend it.

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