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02-25-2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by The Wheeled Winger View Post
After thinking on this a bit, I've come to a conclusion regarding the previously accepted alignment vs this current proposed one.

The players issue is that the playoff qualification is uneven. The accepted solution seems to be a wild card scenario. However, the players didn't like a wild card scenario with the previous alignment. It's my guess that the players pushed for the 16 ETZ teams to be together and to have the 2 8 team conferences because they feel it's more fair for the lower travel east teams to have to participate in a wild card scenario than the higher travel west teams.

Occam's razor in effect here. It seems the simplest reason for why this might work for the NHLPA over the previous setup, so....
That's it? It comes down to a difference in travel between two teams in possibly just one game? Hawks fans can say that they lose their primary rival because of that.

Not saying that Detroit shouldn't be in the East, just that this change would be made just for that one small point.

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