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Originally Posted by Kschey View Post
Also need to take into account that the Leafs were not contending or going to contend soon from the point when the trade was done. Leafs would look so much better right now (in terms of "rebuilding" and looking forward) if that trade was undone and Kessel could not help them win anything in the meantime as well.

Don't know if it really was/is one of the worst trades all time but it's a clear loss no matter what kind of quotes you use to defend it.
Interesting. You say that Kessel couldn't help us win anything - yet he has been a huge part of our success (good offensive) even in our bad years and has been a dynamic playmaker throughout his years in Toronto. Even this year without him scoring a ton of goals, he has been excellent for us. Not to mention he is one of the most prolific goal scorers in the last 4 years in the NHL.

Then you say we would have been better not doing that as we "lost" the trade regarding the players that boston picked (ignoring AGAIN AS WE HAVE TO EVERY TIME that it was NOT THESE PLAYERS we traded for kessel, it was unknown draft picks), what has really held Toronto back is not having a #1 goalie and a franchise shut-down defenseman - none of which were part of this trade. Dougie Hamilton MIGHT be this one day, but at times he has been downright awful this year. Seguin is a good player but still not at Kessel's level and who knows where he will go.

The Rask for Raycroft trade is FAR WORSE than Kessel trade AINEFC, as Raycroft was HORRID and Rask has looked awesome. In the Kessel trade we got a FRANCHISE WINGER, who scores 30 goals per season. It amazes me how CLUELESS people are when it comes to this trade and rating it's merit. Would I undo it? Maybe. Did I agree with it at the time? Hell no. Is it the worst in our history or even in the same stratosphere? Not even close, no matter how much you want it to be or however many quotes YOU use.

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