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Originally Posted by Sunking278 View Post
I think it's hilarious that the big issue here is needing to reduce travel costs, and yet we still have a proposed alignment where the two Florida teams are aligned with the Canadian teams. And, seemingly, nobody sees the problem with this. Or, perhaps, are really bad with geography (but that would describe most Americans today.) And this persistent idea that the only 'rivalries' that can occur is within divisions, and that rivalries are the be-all and end-all of everything. Well, real rivalries in any given sport ebb and flow, they come and go. Yankees-Red Sox, for instance, is NOT a real rivalry at this point in time, it's just a bunch of ESPN-created hype and an excuse for blowhards in both cities to rag on the other. It's become an artificial rivalry now, nothing more. Someday (hopefully never), it might become a legitimate rivalry again, but I hope readers are seeing my point here.
The big issue isn't about travel costs. Anyone who has followed this for any length of time knows it's about 1) television and 2) correcting the culmination of the issues regarding the alignment and matrix for the past 15 years.
Originally Posted by Sunking278 View Post
I posted a re-alignment proposal of my own a couple pages back in this thread, but the best thing the NHL could do is probably to leave the structure as is, with just some minor tweaking - moving Nashville to the Southeast (you know, because Nashville is actually in the Southeastern U.S.), Dallas to the Central, Winnipeg to the Northwest, Vancouver to the Pacific (seeing as the city is ON the Pacific Ocean.) There, how hard is that?
If you have to ask the question, you obviously haven't been paying attention how hard it is.
Originally Posted by Sunking278 View Post
P.S. As someone who lives on the East Coast, I have the right to say this: I'm sick to death of my fellow Red Wings fans crying and moaning the start times of games. Get over it, you're not being put out any because you have to (choose to) stay up late a few times a year for West Coast games! Baseball fans deal with it every season, many times a season. We're not Columbus Blue Jackets fans ... oh, wait, there aren't Blue Jackets fans, and nor are any likely to magically appear just because their games might all start at 'normal' times now. (Move that team elsewhere - out of the Eastern time zone, preferably - if the people of Ohio are going to continue to treat them with mass indifference. At least the likes of Florida and Phoenix have excuses in that they are not cold-weather cities and had very little exposure to hockey before the NHL. Columbus, OH, does not have those excuses, and yet they have the worst attendance in the league.) Furthermore, I certainly don't give a crap if the NHLPA thinks their players have to travel too much. You're getting paid millions of dollars per year, just stop the damn whining!
This isn't about the fans of the Red Wings or Blue Jackets. This is about the business of the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets.

Maybe the idea should be to put the Boston Bruins in the Central Division. They can be division mates with the Blues, Blackhawks, Predators and Jets. And instead of the Bruins playing nine games outside of their time zone like they've done for years, they can play 8 games in the Pacific Time Zone, 8 games in the Mountain Time Zone and 16 games in the Central Time Zone.

Then you'll see how the ratings go down for Bruins away games over time. Then you'll see Bruins fans complaining about being the only Eastern Time Zone team in the Western Conference.

And that is specifically why keeping the six-division alignment is no longer an option.

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