Thread: Speculation: Winnipeg Jets 2013 Draft Talk
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02-25-2013, 12:37 PM
Holden Caulfield
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That's all well and good guerzy but the fact remains that teams that spend this many years in the drafting 7-12 range just quite frankly almost never become real teams. Once my comp is fixed I can some data for that. The whole point is this thing was completely screwed up by many of the factors you listed, and quite frankly might be impossible to fix at this point of the rebuild.

One thing I disagree with is the coaching thing. Obviously the jets/thrashers have been through too many, but not nearly so many more than expected. As I've shown in the past all sc winning teams since 07 had made coaching changes in the previous 3 seasons before cup win. Again I need to wait for comp but I'd bet most have gone through 3 coaches at least in their respective 5-7 year rebuilds. All players know all systems at nhl level and changes to coaching habits can often be beneficial. Sure some coaches preach more on different aspects, but often having a variety of coaches then helps to develop all skills, it does not take so much time to adjust as some suggest.


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