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02-25-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
Maybe the PA agrees with the League that if the playoffs were top four for the western two conferences, with them playing six games within their conference and two games out of conference, that a strict top-four would be the right thing to do.

Which means the easiest way to fix the eastern two conferences would be to do a play-in of the worst fourth-place team against the best fifth-place team. It aligns the numbers as MNN suggests. That also means having a "cross-over" doesn't kill the starting times of the eastern teams, either.
Going back to that post, Grudy0, it's really the only explanation that makes a lot of sense (I mean, aside from the one that I gave. ).

Because they're all ETZ teams, a crossover matchup would at least not have Time Zone issues. And yes, because the 4th place team, with a worse record in the one Conference played the 5th place team, with a better record, in the other Conference only twice in the Season, perhaps then a wildcard game between them could make some sense. But still think that it's just simpler and equally as fair to do the crossover and forget the wildcard shenanigans.

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