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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
Correcton time:The big issue isn't about travel costs. Anyone who has followed this for any length of time knows it's about 1) television and 2) correcting the culmination of the issues regarding the alignment and matrix for the past 15 years.If you have to ask the question, you obviously haven't been paying attention how hard it is.This isn't about the fans of the Red Wings or Blue Jackets. This is about the business of the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets.

Maybe the idea should be to put the Boston Bruins in the Central Division. They can be division mates with the Blues, Blackhawks, Predators and Jets. And instead of the Bruins playing nine games outside of their time zone like they've done for years, they can play 8 games in the Pacific Time Zone, 8 games in the Mountain Time Zone and 16 games in the Central Time Zone.

Then you'll see how the ratings go down for Bruins away games over time. Then you'll see Bruins fans complaining about being the only Eastern Time Zone team in the Western Conference.

And that is specifically why keeping the six-division alignment is no longer an option.
Obviously putting a team in a city on the Atlantic Ocean in a central division would be ludicrous. As to your point about this being about the business of the Red Wings and Blue Jackets. Well, the Red Wings' business is doing just fine as is (apart, maybe, from the need for a new arena.) Fans may moan about all the West Coast games, but they still watch and will continue to. It's the Columbus Blue Jackets who are the problem: If their business is entirely reliant on how they're aligned and/or at what times their games start, that is not a healthy business. Period. The people in Ohio just don't care about the team, and that's not going to change if they're playing Eastern teams more often. Although, I will concede, having Pittsburgh in for a couple extra games certainly wouldn't hurt, but they already have their regional rivals in the Red Wings, and it hasn't meant squat. They, the CBJ organization, should just accept things the way they are, or move somewhere else where maybe somebody might actually give a crap. Right now, they're just wasting space, and creating all sorts of headaches are far as re-alignment goes.

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